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Join the 3PL warehousing revolution with Canary7

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6th Sep 2022

Designed by 3PL professionals for 3PL professionals, Canary7 is all set to positively transform the third-party logistics industry forever.

Powered by an experience that spans years of working in, managing, and optimising warehouse complexes, the minds behind Canary7 are now ready to help 3PL businesses streamline their fulfilment processes with a software that is made just for them. No matter what the 3PL challenge is, Canary7 offers a solution that can help third party logistics providers address it!

By integrating Canary7 in their warehouse processes, 3PL gets the chance to elevate their logistics experience and make sure that their warehouse becomes the most efficient, productive version of itself. The best part? The advanced warehouse and fulfilment solutions offered by Canary7 are completely pocket-friendly! So, instead of having to go beyond budget to bring cutting-edge warehouse management technology to the centre of your business processes, 3PLs can save money.

In addition, Canary7 also allows 3PLs to evolve into an entire ecosystem of productivity. With the help of integrations that connect your third party logistics activity with various marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, couriers, and ERP software, Canary7 enables you to do more with your fulfilment processes.

In your 3PL journey, Canary7 helps you in more than one way.

The ultimate warehouse management software. 

Regardless of the size or state of your warehouse, you can rely on Canary7’s features to help you optimise your space in the best way possible. With notable features like smart stock rotation, increased operational visibility, and a highly responsive design, Canary7’s 3PL WMS is the ultimate technology to boost the growth of your business and make it considerably more scalable.

Cloud-based solutions; the perfective alternative to on-premise hassle.

3PLs often get caught in the on-premise hassle, which is detrimental to their growth. On-premise software is complicated to set up, complex to understand, and quite difficult to take care of over a long period of time. Canary7’s cloud-based 3PL solutions, on the other hand, are not only easier to make a part of your operations but are also safer and affordable.

Seamless, incrementally profitable inventory and order management for third party logistics providers. 

Smart inventory management and order management are two of the most important pillars behind the success of a 3PL venture; which is why these two elements are prioritised in the features offered by Canary7. 3PL service providers as well as their labour force can now comfortably manage and control their inventory without the fear of overstocking, understocking, or shrinkage. They can also comfortably process a large volume of orders, without feeling overwhelmed.

End-to-end automation for more productivity and less errors. 

Finally, 3PLs can avoid errors, mistakes, and miscalculations; thanks to the fact that Canary7 brings end-to-end automation to the centre of their operations and ensures that every component of your 3PL processes is executed with utmost precision and accuracy. Everything from billing to white labelling is fully automated, so that 3PL teams can concentrate their efforts on other areas of their operations.

Using nothing but the best, most cutting-edge technology, Canary7 is all set to revolutionise the warehouse space for 3PL businesses. Consider this an invitation, and join us today – so that your 3PL activity can also be elevated to the next level with impeccable warehouse management solutions.