Is Domiciliary Care the Right Choice For Me Or My Loved One? Connected Health Private Homecare Service

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5th Jan 2024

Private Homecare in Belfast, Tailored for You

A significant number of individuals dealing with age-related challenges, post-surgery recovery, illness, or complex health conditions prefer receiving care within the comfort of their own homes. Research underlines not only this preference but also the cost-effectiveness of home care compared to alternative options.

Connected Health acknowledges your desire for familiarity while ensuring professional support. Our devoted team offers comprehensive assistance ranging from aiding daily tasks like washing, dressing, and cooking, to ensuring round-the-clock support. Utilising state-of-the-art wearable technology for health monitoring, our highly trained carers not only provide essential assistance but also offer companionship, enabling you to lead a fulfilling life with dignity and independence. Our new office on Lisburn Rd in Belfast embodies this dedication to provide you with personalised, connected care.

Empowering Individuals: Self-Directed Support Options

Connected Health understands that the financial aspect of private homecare can be a concern for many individuals and families. That’s why we’re committed to empowering you with information about Self-Directed Support (SDS) options available in Northern Ireland.

Self-Directed Support or managed budgets are approaches that empower individuals to have more control over their care and support services. These approaches enable you to make choices and decisions about the support you receive, tailoring it to your specific needs and preferences.

In Northern Ireland, SDS has transformed how social care services, including homecare, are provided, offering more choice, control, and flexibility. It allows you to tailor a support package that best suits you or your loved one’s lifestyle, focusing on ‘working together’ to achieve outcomes. This approach also provides you with control over how your care budget is utilised, offering several options like direct payments, managed budgets, or involving your Health Trust.

The criteria for eligibility for a managed budget can vary depending on the local authority or funding body. Typically, eligibility involves assessed care and support needs meeting specific criteria set by your local health and social care trust, legal residency, and sometimes a financial assessment.

Managed budgets generally include funds for personal care, domestic help, companionship, healthcare support, and mobility assistance, among other services. To apply for a managed budget, you can contact your local Health Trust, undergo a needs assessment, develop a care plan, and receive funding allocation, all tailored to your specific needs.

By incorporating these SDS options, Connected Health aims to empower individuals and families with more control and choice over their homecare services, ensuring that you receive the support you need, how you need it.

Connected Health’s presence in Belfast signifies more than a physical location; it’s a promise of support, empowerment, and a renewed sense of well-being for individuals and families in the community.

Enhanced Homecare: Tailored Services and Support for Every Need

Connected Health’s private homecare services extend beyond traditional domiciliary care, offering specialised and comprehensive assistance tailored to individual needs. For families with limited time to tend to their elderly loved ones, these specialised services prove to be a blessing.

Personalised Assistance beyond the Norm

Our private homecare services encompass a broad spectrum of specialised care that goes above and beyond standard domiciliary assistance. This includes the convenience of accompanying your loved ones to medical appointments, ensuring they receive timely and necessary healthcare without imposing additional burdens on family members’ schedules.

Moreover, our provision for round-the-clock care sets a new benchmark. Whether it’s specialised dementia care, post-operative support, or dedicated 24-hour monitoring, our highly trained carers offer extensive and personalised assistance, ensuring your loved one’s needs are met regardless of the time or circumstance.

Relieving Family Responsibilities

For families with limited availability due to work or other commitments, these specialised services alleviate the strain of balancing caregiving responsibilities with their own lives. The availability of round-the-clock care, especially for individuals needing continuous support or suffering from conditions like dementia, provides much-needed respite for family members.

Peace of Mind through Specialised Care

The assurance that your loved one is receiving specialised care tailored to their unique needs while being accompanied to appointments or having round-the-clock support can provide an immense sense of relief. This peace of mind is invaluable, particularly for those family members who might not have the time to provide this level of specialised care themselves due to professional or personal commitments.

Connected Health understands the diverse needs of families and recognises the challenges in balancing care responsibilities with everyday life. Through our specialised homecare services, we aim to alleviate these challenges and ensure that your loved ones receive the highest level of care.

Comprehensive Support for Every Moment: Morning to Night

Our services are designed to encapsulate every aspect of daily life. The Morning Wake Up service isn’t just about tasks; it’s about starting the day right, offering assistance and companionship. The Tuck-In service ensures a restful night, focusing on personal care and fostering a sense of comfort.

Round-the-Clock Assistance, Unwavering Support

The pinnacle of our care lies in our Round-the-Clock service. This offering provides continuous support, aiding in daily tasks, personal hygiene, and even monitoring vital health indicators. Beyond care, it’s about companionship—someone to share conversations with and provide assistance whenever required. This service isn’t merely an alternative to care homes; it’s a celebration of independence within one’s cherished home.

Integrated Care, Empowering Lives

Connected Health’s presence in Belfast signifies more than a physical location; it’s a promise of support, empowerment, and a renewed sense of well-being for individuals and families in the community. By integrating technology, expertise, and a profound dedication to personalised care, the office aims to redefine the care experience for the people of Belfast.

Enhanced Homecare: Real-Time Insights with Advanced Virtual Care Technology

At Connected Health, we understand that not every household is conducive to in-person caregiving. Acknowledging these preferences, we offer a robust suite of virtual care solutions tailored to your comfort and needs.

While acknowledging varying household preferences, we’ve expanded our care offerings to include virtual homecare, an innovative approach that embraces remote patient care through cutting-edge technology. Our approach integrates traditional homecare practices with remote monitoring technology, ensuring a comprehensive and adaptable care plan for every individual.

Embracing the needs of diverse households, Connected Health presents a hybrid model that seamlessly blends conventional homecare with virtual care. Our services include companionship calls facilitated through smartphones, delivering essential safety checks, medication reminders, and periodic well-being assessments. Whether integrated with physical care or utilised independently, these services are customizable, allowing you to tailor a care plan that precisely matches your unique requirements.

This adaptive approach to homecare encapsulates our commitment to providing supportive and flexible care solutions that cater to the preferences and comfort of every individual and household. Our suite of advanced virtual care tools includes:

PacSana – Our flagship wearable device, revolutionises conventional care methods by continuously tracking movement patterns and delivering instantaneous observations. But PacSana is just one aspect of our tech-driven care. We also incorporate a suite of virtual care tools designed to elevate your homecare experience.

YOURMeds – Our medication management system supports individuals by providing timely reminders to take prescribed medication. It promotes independence and enhances health by delivering weekly refills of medication blister packs while monitoring medication compliance in our secure data centre.

Feebris – This digital observations kit empowers caregivers or individuals to conduct health assessments conveniently. The accompanying app allows for the monitoring of long-term conditions and acute episodes. Instant alerts notify caregivers or family members of any signs of deterioration, ensuring timely responses and proactive care.

AirCeption – This innovative technology ensures caregivers can respond promptly, creating an environment that prioritises comfort, respect, and comprehensive care for those managing incontinence. AirCeption represents a ground-breaking approach to managing incontinence, tailored to optimise care within skilled nursing homes, residential care, and domiciliary settings. Seamlessly integrated into care environments, AirCeption swiftly detects incidents of incontinence and transmits wireless alerts to designated care providers. This prompt action not only preserves dignity but also maintains skin integrity and emotional well-being for individuals relying on care services.

All of these innovative technologies work hand in hand, enhancing our “Peace of Mind” premium homecare service. They provide an unobtrusive yet comprehensive support system, reassuring both the individuals under our care and their concerned relatives.

By intertwining state-of-the-art devices with advanced virtual care tools, we strive to ensure that every moment is monitored, every concern is addressed promptly, and every individual receives the personalised care they deserve.

Bridging the Gap: A Homecare Haven

Connected Health has always been at the forefront of innovative care solutions, and the new office in Belfast is a testament to this commitment. Embracing the philosophy of “Connected Health,” this office embodies the fusion of technology-driven proactive care with heartfelt, personalised attention, ensuring that every individual’s unique needs are met.

Connected Health invites you to explore this new horizon, where care transcends boundaries, and technology merges seamlessly with compassion to create an environment where your comfort and well-being take centre stage. Book your free consultation today and begin your homecare journey with Connected Health. Let’s create a care plan that perfectly fits into your world, ensuring a life filled with comfort and support.