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International renewable energy firm ABO Wind opens new GB headquarters

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ABO Wind NI Ltd

26th Oct 2022

Leading international renewable energy developer, ABO Wind has established a full-time presence in England with the opening of its new office in Slough, Berkshire. This will be its first office in England and will complement existing offices in Lisburn in Northern Ireland and Falkirk in Scotland.

The new office forms part of the company’s UK-wide investment strategy as it grows its pipeline of onshore wind, solar and energy storage projects across England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The new projects will help tackle the energy crisis and support decarbonization. ABO’s Slough office will focus on solar farm development.

ABO Wind aims to deliver 3GW of renewable generation and energy storage facilities across the UK between now and 2030.

Tamasin Fraser, ABO Wind UK Director said the investment enhances the company’s ability to help tackle the climate emergency and the energy crisis:

“We’re very pleased to officially open our Slough office, which will be a wonderful new home for our growing ABO Wind UK team. We are all acutely aware of the current energy crisis, pressures on security of supply and the need to tackle climate change. We passionately believe that renewable energy has a central role to play in addressing each of those challenges.

“Deploying proven and cost-effective technologies, including solar PV, onshore wind, and energy storage at scale will be critical. This can be done whilst promoting other important agendas such as food security and we hope to see that reflected in a coordinated approach between all relevant government departments. As well as helping to achieve energy independence and removing our reliance on fossil fuels, renewable energy presents an opportunity to create thousands more jobs and attract investment across the UK.

“We look forward to announcing exciting new projects in the coming months and working closely with local communities and all stakeholders to deliver a clean energy future that benefits everyone.”

Mario Kellermann, Country Manager of Ireland and the UK, strongly believes in the success and further growth of the UK team: “ABO’s core business and strength is to develop and construct renewable energy projects and we see more than a high demand and urgency to move forward more quickly in the UK – a perfect match.”

The investment in Slough has already brought about the appointment of 6 new colleagues, increasing the company’s UK headcount to over 20. Its strategic location will enable ABO Wind to progress new projects in England as the need for greater levels of indigenous, clean energy generation increases.