How to Refine your Payroll Process

Posted By:
Payescape Ltd

14th Sep 2021

If your payroll process has a few challenges, how do you make time to correct problems, detect weaknesses, and identify what might be missing? Start by creating a list of “must-have” and “would-be-nice” features that you’re looking for in a payroll technology. Here are a few questions to get you started:

Do you have cloud-based payroll? Cloud-based technology is the new golden standard for managing payroll. Cloud technology allows your team to access and approve payroll from the office or remote, data security is managed within the software and payroll requirements are updated automatically. With cloud-based payroll you have real-time access so you can identify issues and make changes before payroll is approved and sent to employees. Look for a solution that provides an employee self-service portal to manage personal changes and details.

Does your payroll solution provide customised reporting? If you don’t have access to customised reports, you can’t effectively manage employee payroll each month. Some payroll teams use excel spreadsheets and email to manage payroll data, but manual reporting leads to errors and data security issues. You need customised reporting within your payroll software so your team can quickly identify errors or spot inconsistencies in the data, view payroll costs in real-time, and be able to provide reporting to leadership across departments or segments of your organisation.

Do you have customer service available to help when questions come up? One of the biggest problems for payroll teams is not having compliance help when you need it. If you have a question about compliance, you need a CIPP-certified payroll expert to ensure you stay in compliance with the latest regulations. Your payroll software is only as good as the team behind it – make sure you have direct access to a service team to help maintain compliance and provide help when you need it.

Is there an option to integrate your Human Resources admin and time management software with payroll? Since your payroll, HR, and time and absence management all use the same employee data, you can avoid redundant processes and manual entry errors by using integrated technology. Workforce management is getting more complex, but integrating employee data and avoiding multiple data entry points can simplify the process for the whole organisation.

If you are looking for ways to simplify payroll and compliance, start by making a list of what you need, what is missing, and what you can’t live without in a solution. You can save time and resources managing employees, simplify your company systems, and ensure compliance by using the right tools for your organisation. Talk to us today about simplifying your payroll operations and ensuring compliance: get started