Hospital Services Limited teams up with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust to deliver new radiology system for streamlined patient care

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16th Sep 2021

Belfast, Dublin and East Midlands-based specialist distributor of radiology solutions Hospital Services Limited (HSL) has successfully delivered a radiology project in partnership with the Department of Radiology at Blackpool Teaching Hospital which will help the hospital’s radiology team continue to deliver an outstanding level of patient care and diagnostics. The streamlined radiology system installed by HSL will help the In-Patient Department of Radiology to facilitate the over 28,000 in-patients who pass through its general x-ray doors each year whilst increasing efficiencies to help address waiting times and improving patient experience.

Answering the call to supply an easy-to-use, robust technology which could stand up to the high volume of patients within the Department, the team at HSL have consulted with Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, general X-ray team over the past year to supply a general x-ray room which can be used across a diverse patient demographic. The Shimadzu RADspeed Pro general radiographic system has provided an improved workflow for busy teams whilst also achieving dose reduction for patients.

“In addition to the streamlined workflow which the system offers that enables our team to treat more patients more effectively, the adaptability of the system means that the same technology can be used for diagnostic imaging of patients ranging from paediatrics to elderly patients,” said Joanne Peacock, (Interim) General X-Ray Manager. “The technology will also help our team to answer the growing demand for chest x-rays as patients dealing with prolonged ‘long-Covid’ symptoms continue to present with ongoing imaging requirements.”

The newly installed Shimadzu RADspeed pro system is the first installation of its type by HSL in England and Scotland and the first radiography project carried out by HSL within Blackpool Teaching Hospitals. In addition to providing a more intuitive and comfortable experience for radiographers and patients, the system also utilises image stitching software powered by Canon, where the x-ray is programmed to take several pictures and render them together into one larger x-ray image on screen for a more comprehensive view of the area being examined.

Commenting on the newly-forged relationship between HSL and Blackpool Victoria Hospital Dominic Walsh, HSL Chief Executive said, “We are proud to have worked side by side with the Department of Radiology at Blackpool Victoria Hospital to ensure that the project delivered tangible benefits to the hospital’s radiography team and patients alike. The Shimadzu RADspeed Pro which has been installed within the Department is a truly robust and versatile piece of equipment which can be used for a wide range and high volume of patients to help improve patient through-put and streamline the workflow for the very busy radiography team.”

With a presence in every hospital and Trust on the Island of Ireland, Hospital Services Limited continues to grow from strength to strength as it continues to establish partnerships with UK-based hospitals to deliver innovative medical and surgical equipment, consumable products and healthcare IT solutions. The company was established in 1962 and holds the longest global distributorship of Shimadzu imaging technologies. With an emphasis on innovation, deeply embedded relationships with healthcare professionals and ongoing aftercare and support, HSL’s approach is rooted in understanding of healthcare professionals’ needs and challenges faced in the healthcare setting.

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