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Henderson Group lays out value pricing strategy for 2024 with £8 million investment

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Henderson Retail Ltd.

6th Feb 2024

Henderson Group, the grocer and retailer in Northern Ireland, supplying to over 500 SPAR, EUROSPAR and ViVO branded stores has significantly invested in its pricing strategy for 2024.


Over £8 million has been set aside for 2024 to reduce the cost of everyday goods as shoppers become more price conscious than ever. The strategy began on the 1st of January with Mega Deals, which has an overall investment of over £1.8 million into its pricing and marketing and will continue until mid-February.


It comes after the retailer surveyed their local shoppers in December, revealing the number of shoppers who are actively comparing prices between supermarkets and looking for more offers increased by 26 percent[1] in Q4 2023, compared to the previous quarter.


Patrick Doody, Sales and Marketing Director at Henderson Group says getting better deals on the shelves all year round is top priority; “We have once again grown our value promise to shoppers, committing over £8 million to driving prices down throughout the year. Over half of that sum will be invested into everyday value such as fridge fillers and food cupboard & household essentials plus promotional deals throughout the year.


“We have stores in every community across Northern Ireland, and committing to this enhanced pricing strategy is important to help shoppers who are actively seeking said value.”


In Q4 2023, Hendersons implemented their popular 12 Deals of Christmas campaign which saw 13 high value products drop in price for one week each alongside one double deal week. Shoppers at EUROSPAR and ViVOXTRA supermarkets can also avail of the Price Match initiative, which sees thousands of products in-store matched to Tesco pricing*.


Sara Murphy, Brand Marketing Manager at Henderson Group added; “Mega Deals has hundreds more deals in store for 2024, spanning across fresh and store cupboard essentials including butter, canned goods and laundry pods.


“The first phase of this campaign will continue into mid-February while further activations will continue throughout the year.”

[1] SPAR and EUROSPAR Shopper Tracker, December 2023 analysing 1,264 responses from SPAR and EUROSPAR shoppers