Greater access to natural gas network warmly welcomed

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Phoenix Energy

31st Jan 2022

North Down MLA, Stephen Dunne has welcomed the provision of greater access to the Phoenix Natural Gas network for local residents who can already feel the benefits of a major investment programme by Phoenix Natural Gas to extend availability to 10,600 properties across its licence area.

Mr Dunne was at Dunkeld in Bangor where work has recently been completed to provide access to the Phoenix Natural Gas network for its 165 residents.

Speaking about the investment in the area, Stephen said: “We have been working with Phoenix Natural Gas and local residents to expediate access to the natural gas network and we are delighted that its now available to residents in Dunkeld.

“Now more than ever it’s important that households have access to fuel choice not just for convenience and lifestyle reasons, but also in ensuring they have access to a cleaner and more efficient form of home heating.”

Neil McCracken, General Sales Manager at Phoenix Natural Gas said: “We’ve been warmly welcomed by residents across Dunkeld since our works began and are seeing strong interest from households seeking to switch to natural gas already which is really encouraging.

“Alongside the convenience of natural gas, we are seeing an increasing number of households moving due to its efficiency and environmental properties, with householders able to reduce their home heating carbon emissions by around 48% through the installation of a highly efficient system and the less carbon emitting properties of natural gas compared to oil.

“We are keen to help unconnected households to make the move and offer all connecting consumers an appointment with a Phoenix Energy Advisor who in addition to detailing the four steps to connecting will also identify additional measures that households can take to improve their home energy efficiency.”

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