Gifts for a Lifetime This Christmas

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Self Help Africa

17th Dec 2021

We’re always rightly reminded at this time of year that the gift of a puppy is for life, not just for Christmas.

That’s equally true for the goats, pigs, chickens and other livestock that’s bought annually by people across Northern Ireland who support Self Help Africa Northern Ireland’s increasingly popular ‘Lifetime Gifts’ seasonal charity campaign.

The animals, improved breed livestock that are reared at community level in the organisation’s African programme countries, can have a transformational effect on the lives of local families.

Denny Elliott, Head of Self Help Africa Northern Ireland, said; “In the past decade the Northern Ireland public has sponsored breeding programmes that have distributed hundreds of cattle, thousands of goats, pigs, sheep, chicks and guinea fowl and numerous beehives to small-scale farming households across sub-Saharan Africa.”

And the charity’s alternative Christmas gifts have also supported the distribution of bicycles to farm advisors and community-based paravets, have provided thousands of kilos of improved quality crop seed to farmers, and have provided hundreds of African families with new fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

With the countdown to Christmas now well underway, seasonal shoppers are being invited once more to give gifts that can have a lasting impact, both at home, and amongst some of the poorest in the world.

Denny added: “As the coronavirus pandemic has pushed more and more of our buying online, Self Help Africa Northern Ireland has stocked its ‘Lifetime Gifts’ web shop with a range of great products, that each come with thoughtful gift cards and e-cards for the friends and relatives in whose name their ‘virtual’ gifts are being bought.”

Why not fill those seasonal stockings with cards to show that you’ve invested in chicks, goats and piglets for families in Ethiopia and Malawi, have helped plant stands of tree seedlings that will provide food, shelter and protect the environment in Uganda, or have bought beehives in Burkina Faso and farm tools and seed, to help families in Zambia grow more on their land.

Self Help Africa Northern Ireland is a leading development organisation working with rural poor communities to increase the productivity and income potential of Africa’s millions of small-holder farmers. The organisation is the official charity of the Irish Farmers Association.

‘Lifetime Gifts’ range in price from £12 for vitamin packed sweet potato vines, and £12 for improved quality seed, to piglets and goats for £30, beehives for £35, bicycles for £55, farm tools for £70, and a whole host more.

All ‘Lifetime Gifts’ come with a corresponding gift card that is sent to you or to your intended gift recipient on your behalf. Alternatively, you can select and send an e-card to your loved one straight away!

To find out more about Self Help Africa Northern Ireland’s ‘Lifetime Gifts’ for 2021 please visit: for more information.