From the NHS to IT at Citi

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Citibank N. A. (UK Branch)

15th Aug 2023

“Being successful doesn’t mean just going to university and getting a degree the traditional way.”

Bronagh O’Reilly worked for the NHS as a residential worker for 13 years before moving to Citi in November 2022 to begin a Technology Apprenticeship.

During the pandemic Bronagh realised she wanted a career change and having always had an interest in IT she decided that was the path she wanted to follow. She is now completing a Higher Level 5 Apprenticeship in Software and Cloud working four days a week in Citi as an Apprentice Developer and studying one day a week at Belfast Met.

With so many opportunities now available in the thriving technology sector in Northern Ireland, an Apprenticeship is a chance to achieve a qualification while gaining practical work experience in a supportive environment and earn a salary from the start.

Bronagh finds the support available allows her to manage family life while balancing studying and working at the same time. “Every three weeks we have a review between Belfast Met and Citi and I can bring up any issues. Especially with me having a family they are supportive of that and if there is a time I’m struggling or there is too much pressure with deadlines they are very accommodating.

“With the Apprenticeship you gain hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn and earn at the same time, as I have a family going to no salary just wasn’t an option. When I finish the course, I’m going to have the experience of working with Citi on my resume as opposed to someone coming from university with no experience.”

You can watch Bronagh’s full story here.

An Apprenticeship with Citi offers experience in a global company and a qualification, all while earning a wage. Applications are now open for Apprenticeships in Belfast in Technology, HR and Financial Services.

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