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fonaCAB marks International Women’s Day by partnering with “Females in the Fleet.”

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fonaCAB (Belfast) Ltd.

8th Mar 2023

In addition to Free tuition on our New Driver Development Programme, fonaCAB will support five female aspiring taxi Drivers by funding all DVA testing and licencing fees.

fonaCAB is the first Northern Irish taxi operator to partner with the “Females in the Fleet” Initiative (FITF/ Set up to promote equality in the taxi sector and encourage more females to become Drivers, the FITF primary function is to ensure that female Drivers maximise their opportunities and operate safely.

“FITF actively recruits female Drivers into the industry by marketing a career in driving to them. They then help them to get started as a Driver by providing training, assistance with licensing and car setup, followed by placement with a suitable operator local to them. Support continues after this with ongoing mentoring for the female Drivers, along with member services and initiatives that promote safety, gender equality and inclusion. “

While the number of female taxi Drivers working in Northern Ireland is much smaller than the number of men, the feedback we hear from those at fonaCAB echoes what their male counterparts say – flexibility for family, and flexibility to work (and earn) as much as you want are key factors in choosing to be a taxi Driver. The question is then, if the benefits are similar, why do we not see more “Females in the Fleet?” Taxiing has historically been a male dominated sector, but there are no reasons why this should be the case anymore.

  • Every Driver has the potential to earn the same amount, there is no difference to what male and female Drivers can earn.
  • Modern GPS / Dispatch systems provide all Drivers with an increased level of security while working – should a Driver experience any issues while working, depots will have systems in place to provide real time support.
  • Female passengers (of which there are more than male passengers) often feel more comfortable when travelling with female Drivers – sometimes this can be because of religious or cultural reasons but sometimes it’s just as simple as having common interests and circumstances.

fonaCAB is currently offering its New Driver Development Programme free to all prospective Drivers. This offers bespoke training to help applicants pass their theory test and to guide them on all other aspects on how to gain their taxi licence. The programme is easy to join and is delivered at a time and pace (and online or in person) that suits the applicant. While the tutoring and advice is free, applicants still have to pay for their testing fees and licence applications. To mark International Women’s Day fonaCAB will fund DVA testing and licensing fees for five aspiring female taxi Drivers on the New Driver Development Programme

Those considering a career as a taxi Driver who would like to join the fonaCAB New Driver Development Programme, and female applicants wishing to benefit from zero DVA testing and licensing fees should get in touch at , call us on (028) 90 330 333 or scan the QR Code.