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FinTrU Ireland announces Donegal Hospice as Letterkenny charity partner

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1st Feb 2024

FinTrU Ireland will work with Donegal Hospice to raise funds and awareness for the Letterkenny-based charity.

Since its inception 10 years ago, FinTrU has operated with an unflinching philosophy: to create high-quality professional employment while making an impactful and positive contribution to the communities in which it operates. Celebrating its second year in Letterkenny, having set up an EU delivery centre in the town in summer 2022, FinTrU Ireland has now made its connection with Donegal Hospice official by naming it as its charity partner.

Donegal Hospice Chairperson Isobel Rodgers said: “A group of FinTrU employees spent the day with us last November. They did a deep clean in the kitchen, washed the windows, and cleared floor space for us in preparation for Christmas – we just don’t have the resources to do this ourselves, so it meant an awful lot to us.”

FinTrU is now in its second year of charity partnership with AWARE NI, but with the Letterkenny operation of FinTrU growing at pace (substantially larger premises are to open later this year), it was decided that it was fitting for locally-based employees to give back to their local community.

FinTrU Ireland Site Lead Sylvester Clancy said: “We asked our FinTrU Ireland employees to select a charity in the locality that we could partner with. We received some great suggestions for a lot of worthy charities, but Donegal Hospice was by far the most popular choice – everyone had a positive story to tell about them. Once we connected with Isobel, it was clear our values aligned and we could make an impact with them by not only raising money but giving our time as well. We have already partnered with ATU Donegal to create shared value in the region in terms of opportunities for graduates so it was the natural progression to look how we could reach out and extend our impact to a wider region outside of academia and industry.”

Isobel added: “Offering their availability to help out as well as organising fundraisers on our behalf means a great deal. As a new company in the area, we’re delighted FinTrU chose Donegal Hospice as a partner to work with.”