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FinTrU announces global salary increase for employees in cost-of-living adjustment

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26th May 2022

FinTrU has today announced that its employees will receive a salary increase in light of the current rapid rise of the cost-of-living on a global scale.

FinTrU employees will receive an additional 2,000 £/€/$ (depending on their assigned location) or an additional 5% increase to their base salary (whichever is the greater). This applies to all employees from entry level to Senior Vice President, including part-time employees. This initiative excludes FinTrU Principals (Executive and Managing Directors) as they already have an enhanced executive benefits package, including the ability to buy equity in FinTrU.

FinTrU Founder & CEO, Darragh McCarthy, said of the decision “At FinTrU, we heavily invest in our people as part of their professional careers, but we are also fully aware of the current inflationary situation globally and want to continue to support our employees. Therefore, FinTrU has taken the decision to increase salaries due to the present level of cost-of-living expenses across the global landscape.

This off-cycle salary adjustment is completely independent of our year-end merit-based compensation process. FinTrU is performing exceptionally well and is in the financial position to implement this increase with no bearing on compensation rewarded to our employees as part of our annual year-end process.”

FinTrU Chief of Staff, Katrien Roppe, added “As a company, FinTrU has a social purpose to create high-quality employment on a global scale. This decision to increase our employees’ salaries is something we are proud to do. FinTrU is in the position to be able to afford to do this due to the hard work and commitment shown by our people since our foundation in 2013. This is not lost on us, and we are delighted to support our employees in this fashion for their continued dedication.”

The salary increase will be effective from 1 July 2022 and any future employees, who have received an offer to join FinTrU, will also have their salary adjusted accordingly.