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Enhancing The Health and Safety Strategy in Manufacturing; How Helix EHS is Playing a Pivotal Role

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8th Jan 2024

Helix EHS are redefining health and safety strategies in the manufacturing sector. By leveraging an array of innovative digital solutions, including immersive virtual reality walkthroughs, interactive digital kiosks, and the cutting-edge 3D Safety™ system, they have set a new standard in workplace safety and efficiency. 

Miceál O’Kane, Director of Helix EHS

“Our commitment to enhancing the health and safety strategy within the manufacturing industry is seen in the way that we design and develop our digital tools. Everything that we do is people-centric and we place a major focus on practical, user-friendly solutions that improve workplace safety and operational efficiency through technological innovation.”

About Helix EHS

Helix EHS

have spearheaded an innovative approach, which is focused on integrating advanced digital tools into everyday safety protocols, fundamentally changing how safety is managed and upheld in the manufacturing industry.

Their range of innovative digital technologies are designed to streamline safety processes, increase employee engagement, and improve overall workplace safety through advanced digital integration.

Virtual Site Inductions

Helix EHS’s virtual site inductions offer an immersive experience, allowing employees and visitors to familiarise themselves with the exact layout of the manufacturing environment and remain aware of potential hazards in a safe, controlled virtual space. 

The interactive nature of these walkthroughs ensures that employees are not just passive observers but active participants in their training experience. They can engage with the virtual environment, explore different scenarios, and receive real-time feedback, making the learning process both effective and engaging.

Digital Kiosks

Digital kiosks serve as interactive information hubs, strategically located throughout the factory. These kiosks provide easy access to critical safety information, procedures, and updates, ensuring that every employee stays informed.

These digital kiosks also replace outdated forms of incident reporting, by providing immediate access to a comprehensive digital platform, they offer managers enhanced oversight and real-time insights into potential safety issues or impending machine failures. 

This modern approach not only streamlines the reporting process but also ensures that management can respond more swiftly and effectively to any concerns, maintaining a safer and more efficient workplace environment in manufacturing.

3D Safety™ 

3D Safety™

is a testament to Helix EHS’s commitment to innovative safety solutions. By creating detailed 3D models of equipment and machinery, this tool allows for more thorough and effective safety audits and checks. It enables a level of precision and understanding in safety inspections that was previously unattainable, leading to better compliance, maintenance, and hazard prevention.

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The integration of these advanced technologies have remarkably improved transparency and accountability in health and safety processes within the manufacturing workplace. 

This heightened level of clarity and responsibility ensures more rigorous adherence to safety standards, fostering a strong commitment to maintaining and continuously improving workplace safety protocols.

A Health and Safety Strategy That Works For You

Understanding that the transition to digital solutions can be daunting, Helix EHS offers bite-sized, incremental solutions to address specific challenges. By streamlining common tasks and focusing on pain points, they ensure a smooth digital transition, bringing workers along on the journey towards embracing new safety systems.

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