Engineering Ambition for Apprentice’s Sea Legs

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South Eastern Regional College (SERC)

7th Feb 2022

No two days are the same for young SERC Engineering Apprentice, Bryson Kearney, whose life by the sea has greatly influenced his ambitions.

Bryson, 19, from Annalong, is a first year Level 2 Engineering Apprentice at SERC and employed in the family business, John Kearney Ltd.   Bryson said, “I took a year out after my GCSEs and went to work on a local fishing boat, before starting the Engineering apprenticeship through SERC.   A family friend had recommended the course as their son had taken the same route. I did a bit of research, and decided it was the best way for me to achieve some qualifications whilst learning on the job.

He added, “Engineering is what I always wanted to do.  I believe I am getting the best experience at work and in college from people who have years of skills and experience, and of course access to the right equipment and resources.   It is not only boats I am working on, but there may also be some fabrication work or repairs to agricultural machinery, and because we have a lathe and team of experienced joiners on site, there is always something new to learn which is exciting.”

“I plan to continue with my apprenticeship and then hope to work towards achieving my Chief Engineering ticket to become a Marine Engineer.”

Speaking about the apprenticeship route, Bryson said, “I would highly recommend the apprenticeship route for anyone interested in Engineering.   If you have a strong inclination to take that path, stick with it and put the time and effort in and you will get good results.”

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