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eir evo evolves with support from Grofuse and NI Chamber

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eir evo

7th Mar 2023

An ambitious Northern Irish company has created a key piece of software for one of Ireland’s biggest ICT brands — all thanks to an opportunity to meet at a Northern Ireland Chamber event.

Software specialists Grofuse Digital went on to develop a postcode broadband availability checker system for eir evo UK – the Northern Ireland subsidiary of the Ireland-wide eir group — after the companies were introduced at a Chamber event held during a lull in Covid restrictions late last year.

Both companies say the results of the impromptu meeting showcase the importance of Northern Ireland Chamber participation for organisations of all sizes across NI.

Northern Ireland Regional Director for eir evo, Philip O’Meara, said the partnership between the two companies was mutually beneficial.

Mr. O’Meara explained: “We were looking for a local Northern Ireland technology company to help us launch our new Giga-fibre business broadband service with a user-friendly online ordering experience. Delivering great Customer Experience, via a smooth end-to-end customer journey is key for us and we wanted a platform to match our service excellence. Thanks to the Northern Ireland Chamber, we had the opportunity to meet Grofuse, learning about their expertise and ambitions and went on to form a relationship that helped both of us to grow stronger.

“We wanted to support local business as we believe it’s important for us to invest in Northern Ireland, not just in our network infrastructure and skills but also in partnering with local companies.”

Grofuse Digital Director and co-founder, Denis Finnegan, said: “Grofuse is a growing company with global ambitions, and Northern Ireland Chamber is helping us to achieve those ambitions by providing us with opportunities to get in front of companies of the calibre of eir evo.

“On this project we went all-out to deliver for one of Ireland’s largest companies after meeting them at a NI Chamber event, and it has been a huge success for both businesses.”

The software delivered by Grofuse for eir evo allows businesses across Northern Ireland to instantly check online whether they can avail of the competitively-priced giga-fibre broadband via one simple click.

The online solution connects to eir evo’s internal platforms to allow instant order entry and provides a seamless experience for the user. The secure system has proved to be a crucial tool for eir evo, connecting the company with thousands of potential broadband customers in Northern Ireland.

Mr. Finnegan, explains how Grofuse had the in-house expertise and agility to quickly deliver the project, meeting eir evo’s needs within an extremely tight timeframe.

“We fully committed to meeting the short deadline for the work, designing, developing and testing the new website software feature, while adhering to eir evo’s distinctive branding and delivered a successful implementation for the client, on time and on budget.”

NI Chamber Connection

Mr. Finnegan recalls how he happened to be among a panel of guest speakers at a Chamber event in Dungannon in November 2021 when the meeting of minds took place.

“I was speaking about how Grofuse had grown during the lockdown and how we had managed to expand our remote workforce amid the pandemic.

“I explained how we developed software for global companies, and I think Philip liked what he heard and wanted to know more.”

The pair connected during the subsequent networking session and eir evo later commissioned Grofuse after learning more about the firm and its digital know-how.

A year down the line, and having cemented a strong partnership, both companies now agree that their participation in the NI Chamber event was key to the relationship.

Mr. O’Meara added: “Businesses in Northern Ireland face increasing pressure to innovate by embracing dynamic technologies to drive growth, productivity and value. Companies such as Grofuse make going digital easy and NI Chamber has an important role to play by facilitating networking events that help forge strong partnerships for digital transformation –  this really drives growth for us all.