Dublin-based bxp software Expands Into Northern Ireland

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BXP Software

11th Nov 2021

bxp software is a leading IT solutions provider, developing tailored business process solutions for organisations across a range of industry sectors. Organisations in their portfolio include Virgin Media, Bank of Ireland, Tourism Ireland, eir, FEXCO and many more.

bxp can be supplied as either a cloud-based or on-premise solution and can be accessed on any device, from anywhere. This makes it ideal for office-based, remote, hybrid or field-based operations / users.

bxp perceive three key differentiators between themselves and other suppliers:


Every solution is customised to the precise specifications of the client. They shape the bxp system around these needs, as opposed to forcing the client’s processes into a pre-built product.


Engaging with bxp does not require replacing an entire existing software suite. They have years of experience of systems integration with legacy software, including telephony, database, accounting and CRM packages.


From the outset, bxp create an atmosphere and environment of partnership rather than Client and Supplier. To bxp this is essential because initial, tactical projects invariably expand across client organisations, turning bxp into a strategic tool and for this, absolute trust and reliability is essential.

Nick Wheeler, CEO of bxp software commented:

‘By creating smart, tactical solutions, designed to work with whatever management software or other solution you currently use, we can resolve current workflow challenges, and those that inevitably emerge as your business develops. Put simply, we can take your unique business challenge and build a tailored solution that will seamlessly integrate with your existing software, replacing labour-intensive processes with a unique and instantly responsive solution that’s built to address your specific needs’.

If, for example, any of your workflow processes involve Excel spreadsheets, you may well find them unresponsive, complicated, slow and downright unsecure. bxp will change all of that and automate much of the action into the bargain.

bxp are very much looking forward to working with organisations based in Northern Ireland and will bring with them some exciting new developments. These include a new, customisable but business-ready CRM system whose abilities, they say, will match those of the big players but whose value-for-money will be extremely competitive.

Contact Business Development Manager Alan Shanley now on 075 8424 4834 / alan.shanley@bxpsoftware.com to find out more about bxp and find out how they can help make your business leaner and more efficient.

Please also visit www.bxpsoftware.com.