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Dublin Airport Improves Passenger Feedback Loop With New Passenger Panel and App Feature

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Dublin Airport

12th Oct 2023

Dublin Airport has introduced two new tools which will ensure it gets feedback from passengers on services at the airport and to identify issues and improvements that need to be made. The new tools being added are:

  • A new ‘Rate My Airport’ feature on the much-improved Dublin Airport app which allows passengers to give feedback and flag issues in real-time.
  • A new “Passenger Panel” which will meet face-to-face with Kenny Jacobs, CEO of Dublin Airport operator daa, and Gary McLean, Managing Director of Dublin Airport, to ensure passenger needs are understood and to identify the services and facilities at Dublin Airport that need to be improved further.

The new tools will be used to further improve passenger satisfaction levels at Dublin Airport, which have risen steadily over the past year on the back of the successful 15-point Better Dublin Airport improvement plan which was rolled out by daa in Spring 2023.

According to Kenny Jacobs, CEO of daa: “Passengers are at the centre of everything we do and by listening to them on an ongoing basis we can identify ways to continually improve Dublin Airport. Our new Passenger Panel is an exciting initiative that will enable us to connect directly with the most important people in our business – our passengers – and get a better understanding of their needs. The Panel’s feedback, combined with that gathered via our newly improved Dublin Airport app and other well-established feedback tools, will help identify where the Airport is getting things right and where we need to improve. We want to be the airport that listens most to its passengers, ensuring the standards at Dublin Airport are amongst the highest of any capital city airport in Europe.”

New Passenger Panel

The new Passenger Panel will consist of a diverse range of airport users who will provide valuable feedback on all aspects of the airport offering. The Panel’s job will be to help daa get a deeper understanding of what people love about Dublin Airport and what they would like to see more of in terms of new and improved services and facilities. The Panel will meet twice per year with daa’s CEO Kenny Jacobs Dublin Airport Managing Director, Gary McLean. Chosen from the general public via a competition on Dublin Airport’s social media channels, Panel members will also have the opportunity to provide input and feedback throughout the year. The chosen Panel members will be reflective of Dublin Airport’s diverse passenger base. The competition to join the Passenger Panel will be advertised on Dublin Airport’s social media channels over the coming weeks.

New App Features

Dublin Airport is also introducing a new “Rate my Airport” feature on the official Dublin Airport app. App users are now able to provide ratings on key aspects of their airport journey in real-time via a simple star-rating system and user-friendly drop-down menu. Passengers can easily offer their feedback in just seconds, even when they are on the move.

Keeping Passengers Happy

The feedback from the Passenger Panel and new Rate My Airport app feature will be used by daa in tandem with the feedback that comes from its existing research tools, including the popular “Happy or Not” devices which are located throughout the terminals. These devices produce thousands of responses daily, offering valuable insights into performance on an hourly basis, leading to swift improvements. In August 2023 alone, Dublin Airport received nearly 220,000 ratings on these devices.