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Dalradian Gold Limited

1st Jun 2023

Carbon Neutral Plus Status Attained for Fourth Consecutive Year

Dalradian, the US owned company developing an environmentally responsible copper-gold-silver mine in west Tyrone, has reduced its total carbon footprint by 75% from its 2019 baseline. These efforts and additional tree planting in Northern Ireland have helped the company achieve Carbon Neutral Plus status for four years in a row.

Through Dalradian’s carbon management plan, the company reduced carbon output by 26% between 2021 and 2022. This was largely a result of continued reductions in diesel usage. In particular, Dalradian improved the operational efficiency of its water treatment plant and reduced the need to use a generator.

To offset emissions, Dalradian supported an internationally certified 300MW solar power project in Rajasthan, India. The project eliminates greenhouse gas emissions by displacing power from thermal/fossil fuel-based power plants connected to the Indian electricity grid with clean solar power. Two of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (a blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet) are supported by this project – ‘Affordable & Clean Energy’ and ‘Climate Action’. Silver and copper, which are included in Dalradian’s polymetallic deposit, are used in the production of solar panels.

The company is accredited by Carbon Footprint Ltd, a leading sustainability and climate change solutions provider. An assessment of greenhouse gas emissions is verified against exacting ISO 14064-1, an international standard for businesses and other organisations to quantify, report and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr. Wendy Buckley from Carbon Footprint said:

“We have worked with Dalradian over the last four years and it’s great to see their commitment and efforts towards environmental responsibility. They endeavor to find additional ways of reducing their carbon footprint at every turn, through all activity.

“Combined with their support for the gold standard project in India, and local tree-planting, Dalradian has been recognised as a Carbon Footprint Standard – Carbon Neutral Plus organisation.”

Dalradian’s Sustainability & Community Relations Officer, Oonagh McKenna, said:

“We are fostering a responsible mining culture at Dalradian and congratulations are due to our team for their continuous work actioning this vision.

“2022 was a year for further reduction in our emissions but our major focus is on how to achieve the lowest possible emission levels from our proposed, underground mine.

“We continue to keep abreast with developments in alternative fuel sources, electric vehicles for mine operations and are in discussions with potential suppliers including cement, steel and explosives to ensure their values align with ours so that sustainable practices and responsibilities are carried throughout the entire supply chain.”

Dalradian also supports tree planting in Northern Ireland with over 1500 trees planted in last four years.