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Connected Health partners with CCU to offer all staff credit union membership

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Connected Health Limited

1st Mar 2024

Northern Ireland’s leading homecare provider Connected Health has partnered with Clonard Credit Union to give all employees the opportunity to open accounts regardless of where they live.

Clonard Credit Union is one of Northern Ireland’s largest credit unions, with branches across Antrim and North Down.

As part of the new partnership, all Connected Health employees can sign up with an initial deposit of as little as £2, as well as having the opportunity of opening accounts for their children with deposits of as low as £1. And for each child account opened, CCU will provide a gift deposit of £5.

The initiative was launched at Connected Health’s Park Centre office in Belfast on Tuesday, February 27. More than 30 new accounts were opened during the event, with the offer of member accounts now extended to all Connected Health employees in Northern Ireland

Claire Adams, Operational Manager for Private Care at Connected Health, said: “This partnership encourages our people to save regularly and avail of loans should the need arise. We believe in encouraging the next generation to save too and for every new child account opened the Credit Union will give them a £5 deposit too.”

Terry McCrudden, CEO at CCU, said: “CCU is proud to enter into a new and innovative partnership with pioneering health care provider Connected Health.

“For us, the collaboration signifies a holistic approach to financial and healthcare support within our community.  CCU very much recognises the intrinsic link between financial health and personal well-being, as such our credit union has always strived to be a community advocate — committed to the enhancement of our members’ overall quality of life. Our partnership with Connected Health is a testament to this commitment.

“We at CCU are very much looking forward to the positive impact this partnership will yield and the stories of improved lives which will inevitably emerge from the collaboration.”

The benefits of holding an account with CCU, a not-for-profit organisation which is owned by members for the benefit of members, include:

  • Affordable loans & Instant Access Savings Account*
  • Interest rebate on loans*
  • Full banking service; interest earning current account, CCU debit card, online & mobile banking app, direct debit/standing order
  • Benefits/salary etc can be paid directly into Instant Access Account
  • Free Insurance – loan protection and life saving insurance*
  • Free death benefit insurance*

(*Terms and conditions apply)

 Established in 1964, with 83 members and share/savings of £680, CCU membership has grown steadily to more than 31,500. CCU has assets of more than £85m, with more than £25m out on loan to its members. Originally based in Belfast, CCU currently has five branches in the city, one in Glengormley and three in North Down.