Conference Calls for Businesses to Upskill Employees in Preparation for Artificial Intelligence in the workplace

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South Eastern Regional College (SERC)

8th Jun 2021

South Eastern Regional College (SERC) is hosting an online international conference to highlight the need for businesses to identify employee digital skills gaps and provide relevant digital skills training for employees in preparation for the move to Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology within the work environment.  The Reskilling Revolution in the Artificial Intelligence Era: The Case for Digital Upskilling is online 10am – 1.00pm GMT, Thursday 17 June. 

Michelle Devlin, Head of School of Heath, Early Years and Adult Education at SERC said, “Artificial Intelligence already impacts our daily lives from a simple “Google” search, logging on to our online banking account or using smart home devices. However, more and more businesses are also reaping the benefits of AI whether that’s a small business replacing paper-based processes with digital, using drones, virtual reality or augmented reality or a total transformational change. The impact for employees could be devastating, with concerns over job role and security, but by providing relevant digital upskilling training, employers can retain valuable employees minimising uncertainty and job losses.”

Speakers will include leading experts from the field of Artificial Intelligence who will share their knowledge and expertise.  SERC will also share the results of their literature review, “Skills and Competencies for the AI Revolution” and an analysis of employer and employee surveys into attitudes towards the introduction of AI into the workplace.

This conference will be of interest to education professionals, AI/technology experts, business owners and their employees and those involved in professional training.

The conference is part of an Erasmus+ KA2 transnational 3-year project led by B&PEdTech, Malta and includes Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise & Industry, Malta; Camara de Comercio de Valencia, Spain; and SmartLearning, Denmark and SERC.

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