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8 Out Of 10 Passengers At Dublin Airport Through Security In Under 10 Minutes In June

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Dublin Airport

5th Jul 2023

3.5 million Through Ireland’s 2 Busiest Airports in June
+ Cork Airport’s Passenger Traffic Above 2019 Levels

Wednesday, June 5: Passengers departing from Dublin Airport in June enjoyed an ultra-efficient experience at security screening with 78% of the 1.6 million departing passengers passing through in under 10 minutes and 98% going through in less than 20 minutes.

The number of passengers through Dublin Airport in the opening six months of the year was just over 15.5 million, which is on a par with 2019 levels.

The busy peak summer season is well underway now at Dublin and Cork airports, with a total of 3.5 million passengers flying in and out of the State’s two busiest airports in June, according to daa, the operator of both airports.

June was the busiest month of the year so far at Dublin Airport with just over 3.2 million passengers, in line with June 2019 levels and 14% higher than the same month last year. Included in this figure is the 200,000 passengers who transited and transferred through Dublin Airport in June. Around 1.95 million passengers (61%) passed through Terminal 1 during June, with 1.25 million going through Terminal 2.

The number of passengers through Cork Airport in the opening six months of the year was 1,292,000 million, up 7% on the same period in 2019. Cork Airport is forecast to have its busiest year in its history in terms of international passengers with 2.7 million set to fly in and out of the Munster’s most popular airport in 2023.

According to daa CEO Kenny Jacobs: “The busy summer period is well underway, with over 100,000 passengers travelling through Dublin Airport every single day at the moment. Our busiest day of the year so far was Friday, June 30 -. Families wasted little time in getting their bags packed and their feet on the beaches of Europe and beyond, with almost 116,000 passengers passing through the airport that same day as schools all over the country broke for their summer holidays. Passengers will be hoping their cocktails will be as smooth as their journey through Dublin Airport, with 98% of passengers passing through security screening in under 20 minutes in June, which is well above our stated target of 90%.”

Kenny Jacobs added: “Almost 1.3 million passengers have flown in and out of Cork Airport in the first six months of the year. Cork Airport is gearing up to have its busiest year ever for international traffic, with 2.7 million passengers expected to fly to and from Munster’s busiest and most popular airport this year. This growth is facilitated by an excellent airport experience, friendly staff and a wide choice of routes. I expect that growth to continue through winter, with Aer Lingus recently announcing new winter services to Lyon and Tenerife, along with frequency increases on service to Lanzarote. There will be more good news for passengers across the South of Ireland soon as the team at Cork Airport work with our airline customers to finalise details of even more new routes.”

Carbon Per Passenger in June

daa continues to work in partnership with airlines and the aviation eco system to reduce the environmental impact of operations at its airports. In June, carbon emissions per passenger equated to 0.57kg at Dublin Airport, similar to the same month in 2022, despite the increase in traffic.

Passenger Advice For Summer

Passengers travelling out of Dublin Airport over the coming weeks and months are advised to be in their terminal two hours before a short-haul flight and three hours before a long-haul departure.

Passengers travelling from Cork Airport are advised to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before their flight is due to depart.

Those looking to park at either airport are well advised to book in advance. If the dates required are not available it is advised to plan to travel via an alternate mode such as by bus, by taxi or by getting dropped off.