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22nd Jun 2023

A unique discount on all our media monitoring and evaluation services is available only to fellow Northern Ireland Chamber Members. We are offering 25% off the media monitoring and evaluation services you require for the first three months once your account has been set up. Please contact us on the following for further information:

Email: (quote NI Chamber Exclusive Members Discount)

Phone: 028 90 649012 (quote NI Chamber Exclusive Members Discount)

Benefits of Choosing NIMMS Ltd

  • A professional media intelligence team proactively working as an extension of your office.
  • Peace of mind knowing that if it’s in the media we will find it.
  • Top quality digital representation of your media coverage
  • Complimentary email ‘alerts’ (AM &PM) advising you when and where coverage has been captured.
  • A dedicated online ‘media portal’ to house and view your media coverage.
  • Access to various functions and tools to help you report quickly on your media coverage.
  • Advisory support to know what to do next with your media coverage e.g. media evaluation
  • Knowledge on how your brand is performing and how your competition is performing.

We provide the following media intelligence services:

  • Print Media Monitoring (NI, ROI & UK)
  • Broadcast Media Monitoring (24/7  capturing – NI, ROI & UK)
  • Online Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Monitoring (Twitter, Facebook & YouTube)
  • Media Evaluation Services

What is media monitoring?

Media monitoring is a method for measuring communications and marketing initiatives, tracking target audiences, gauging brand sentiment, and much more. Understanding who is saying what about your brand, to whom, and how they feel about it is both critical and nearly impossible without a media monitoring service in a hyper-connected world where new media content is generated in an uninterrupted flow.

Here are five reasons why you should include media monitoring in your communications strategy.

Connecting to target audiences.

Some voices are more essential than others when it comes to who is saying what about your organisation. Monitoring the media reveals whether key stakeholders are hearing and reacting to reports about your company, and whether the news is beneficial or negative. Sentiment analysis determines if individual pieces of material or the overall attitude of reporting are favourable.

Different stakeholder groups can be reached through various media means. Monitoring social media will offer you an idea of how current and potential customers feel about your company. Shareholders will be increasingly interested in traditional press/print reporting. Broadcast and online media is more likely to reach a larger audience.

We help build better marketing strategies.

Media monitoring allows you to measure the efficacy of public relations and marketing communications by providing you with oversight of their response. When you can see in real time how your target audience and potential consumers are reacting to your postings and press releases, you can underline good messaging while also amending and redirecting those that aren’t working.

Assessing the efficacy of marketing efforts entails determining whether investment is yielding results. It enables the savvy communications team to design future efforts with a better understanding of what will work with the target market.

Avoid a media crisis.

Following the news cycle around your organisation can provide valuable insight into approaching crises, helping you to avert or at least lessen the damage. With real-time media monitoring in place, the communications team can determine whether the company or industry is heading for a PR disaster.

Keep an eye on competitors.

Competitor analysis is relevant in situations other than emergencies. Not only does media monitoring disclose what people are saying about your company, but it can also provide you with a competitive advantage if you know what they are saying about the competitors.

We can monitor what your competitors’ clients are saying, giving you an advantage in providing better answers to their needs. With efficient media monitoring, you will be able to anticipate industry trends and establish yourself as a business leader.

Reputation is vital.

Brand perception and internal reality are frequently miles apart, and without media monitoring, companies struggle to grasp how they are seen outside the walls of their headquarters. Businesses may detect levels of brand awareness, the impact of media coverage, and sentiment surrounding their products and services using tools such as our media evaluation reports. Including social media listening reports, which feeds into your brand or company reputation KPIs.