21st Century Heat Pump Technology Future-proofs Historical Building

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Air Cool Engineering NI Ltd

5th Nov 2021

Limavady based Northern Ireland Chamber member air cool engineering NI, were delighted to be involved with the recent energy retrofit of the former Barrack Stores on the Ebrington site in Derry/Londonderry.

Rather than re-functioning the historical building into ‘standard’ commercial offices, The AMP’s owners wanted to create a sustainable, supported and flexible business hub for budding entrepreneurs and start-ups in the North West.

Balancing energy efficiency, comfort and aesthetics

Energy efficiency, client comfort and balancing aesthetics with functionality were all key considerations for The AMP’s refurbishment brief. Although not a listed property, sympathetically future-proofing a heritage building efficiently is challenging. air cool engineering’s forward thinking client understood that traditional gas or oil fired boiler systems would struggle to achieve the energy efficiencies the business wanted and the building needed.

Aaron McElhinney, joint owner of The AMP said:

‘We required a highly responsive heating solution which could efficiently maintain optimum comfort levels throughout the shared open workspaces, meeting rooms and offices. We were particularly interested in accessing sustainable, controllable, flexible and low carbon technologies for our 180 year old property. Our high spec interior design brief also called for a heating solution which could be easily and discreetly ‘integrated’ with the interior decor. We looked no further than local heating, ventilation and air conditioning specialists air cool engineering NI, to advise our team on the best solution for our business.’

A low-carbon system delivering flexibility and energy cost savings

As trusted and established HVAC specialists, air cool engineering NI advised The AMP team that the Mitsubishi Electric City Multi VRF system could simultaneously deliver heating, cooling and heat recovery throughout the building. Harnessing air-to-air heat pump technology, the City Multi VRF offers exceptional flexibility and stable temperatures, while the heat recovery function provides significant energy cost savings for the business.

Martin Mullan, Managing Director for air cool engineering NI added:

‘We were delighted that The AMP team chose a local contractor for the energy retrofit of the historic Barrack Stores. As the 180 year old building was being re-functioned into office spaces of varying sizes, our client needed a tailored and flexible heating solution which could efficiently stabilise indoor comfort conditions.’

‘The Mitsubishi Electric City Multi VRF Series perfectly meets the heating demands of this old building with optimum efficiency. By investing in low-carbon heat pump technology, The AMP is future-proofing not only their own business, but also the multiple SME’s who operate from their property in Ebrington.’

If your business is interested in the flexible, low carbon and energy efficient credentials of heat pump technology, please get in touch with one of Northern Ireland’s leading HVAC contractors air cool engineering NI on +44 (0) 28 777 67114 or email sales@ni.aircool.co.uk