Mentor Training Workshop

30th Nov 2023 09:30 am - 12:00 pm

Venue: Ormeau Baths


Posted By: Workplus

5th Oct 2023

Event Description

Mentoring, Coaching and Line Managing apprentices can be complicated. As a mentor you have to provide some technical help, offer guidance on working habits, look out for personal resilience and wellbeing, and offer challenging feedback. All while carrying out your own responsibilities. 

During this session, James will explore 4 different approaches to considering how you mentor your team. Each approach provides a different psychological angle, designed to help you create a robust framework for developing people on your team. You’ll have the chance to reflect on what approach comes naturally to you and where you might have room to grow.

We’ll then consider those 4 different approaches in the context of the practical leadership conversations and scenarios you are likely to face on a daily basis.

This will prove to be an insightful morning that will help you become a better mentor. There will be a 15 minute comfort break half-way through the session.

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