Workshop: Helping your business get ready for GDPR compliance

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A&L Goodbody has been undertaking GDPR audits with a number of clients and felt the topic would benefit from a practical workshop to increase understanding of the subject. Also our members have highlighted concern around the future penalty regime for use of data and the impact on their internal IT infrastructure and systems and third party relationships which is deeper and more significant than first anticipated.

This workshop will therefore assist you to identify how to make your internal systems fit purpose and compliant with the statutory framework.

During the workshop Mark Thompson and Jonny Hacking from A&L Goodbody will contrast the new regime against the old and enable delegates to:-

– Understand what data they hold
– Where it is held
– What they use it for
– The basis on which they are processing it; and
– What their organisation will need to do to ensure it is compliant by next May.

It may not be something you are managing specifically but I would be more than happy for you to pass the invitation on to the GDPR compliance person within your business.

To register your interest in the workshop please email Glenda McStravick at or telephone 028 9072 7497.