NI Chamber Programme for Government (PfG) Briefing and Workshop

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As you may be aware, the Northern Ireland Executive has recently launched a consultation on the new draft Programme for Government (PfG) Outcomes Framework. The Programme for Government focuses on achieving wellbeing across our society, and the draft Framework sets out nine ambitious Outcomes aimed at making a real and positive difference to people’s lives.

NI Chamber has arranged for members to receive a briefing on the current PfG consultation from the PfG team at the Executive Office on 2 March 2021 from 11.00-12.15pm via Zoom.

Representatives from the PfG will join the first half of the meeting to provide a presentation and update on the new PfG and then answer any questions that members may have. They will then leave the meeting and allow NI Chamber members to contribute to NI Chamber’s response to the consultation via a facilitated session by NI Chamber’s economist, Maureen O’Reilly. The session will finish sharply at 12.15pm.

We would very much welcome the input of members into our consultation response. If you would like to attend this event, or for further information, please email