Near Market Trade Visit – Birmingham

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Near Market Trade Visit – Birmingham

Explore new markets, build networks and create new business opportunities with NI Chamber’s Near Market Trade Visits. For many companies, Great Britain (GB) represents the first step to doing business outside Northern Ireland. NI Chamber of Commerce and Industry in partnership with Ulster Bank Ltd is rolling out a series of near market trade visits with the aim to help local firms extend their networks and exploit opportunities in larger GB cities. The second two day visit will introduce local businesses to opportunities in Birmingham.

Home to world-class companies, major R&D facilities, innovative entrepreneurs, renowned universities and one of the youngest populations in Europe, Birmingham is a dynamic, thriving and business-focused region.
The region is well connected, and centrally located in the UK, and is home to 70,500 companies including over 1,500 international firms. Major global players across various sectors are based here – including Jaguar Land Rover, JCB, Kraft, Amey, Deloitte and Cadbury.