KTP Information Share with Queen’s University, Belfast

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NI Chamber invites you to a 1 hour online information share event with Queen’s University, Belfast on Tuesday 15 March to learn more on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

A KTP is a mutually beneficial, three-way collaboration between a graduate or post graduate, an organisation and a university.

A KTP serves to meet a core strategic need of an organisation to identify and deliver an innovative project that will bring about lasting, transformative change. It is a cost-effective way for businesses to identify new talent and to access knowledge and expertise in universities and colleges

Throughout this practical session, attendees will;
• Gain an understanding of what KTP is and the essential features
• Hear examples of KTP projects
• Identify the benefits of KTP for your business
• Learn how to get involved

For further information on this event, please contact Catherine Crilly Catherine.crilly@northernirelandchamber.co.uk