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Future of Skills

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Finding and retaining the right people with the right skills is a persistent challenge for employers in Northern Ireland. In the second part of a new sub-series on ‘Building Inclusive Workplaces’, NI Chamber and NIE Networks will provide members with the opportunity to engage with experts on barriers to entering employment and helping people back to work.

Karen Smith, Head of Contracted Services at Disability Action NI, will provide information on projects that are helping people to find employment and support them in their place of work. Karen will also share advice and what support there is available for employers considering employing somebody with a disability.

Aoife Hamilton, Head of Charity Services at Employers for Childcare, will discuss the current impact of childcare costs being significantly above the UK average and what this means to the workforce. Aoife will also share the solutions to this significant barrier and the role that business can play in helping parents get back into work.

Who is this event for?

The Future of Skills series is of relevance to anyone involved in business strategy, workforce planning, recruitment and staff training/development.

It is exclusively for NI Chamber members and is free for them to attend.

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