Accredited Foundation Award in International Trade | Letters of Credit and Methods of Payment

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This course will examine the Letter of Credit process in detail and delegates will receive guidance on how to create a workable Letter of Credit.

Letters of Credit are an important tool for international trade as they provide security to transactions which are often complicated, involve a number of parties and have potential risks involved. It is vital for businesses to ensure they understand and comply with the requirements of a Letter of Credit.

This course will cover:
• Methods of Payment
– The Risk Ladder
– Foreign Currency Transaction Mitigation
– Advance Payment , Documentary Collections &
Open Account
• Incoterms  2020 & their interaction with L/Cs
• How the Letter of Credit works – Management &
– Advantages and Disadvantages
– Types of L/Cs
– Understanding the Rules (UCP600) and ISPB
– Documentation
– Insurance
• Best Practice for L/Cs – Hints and Tips
• Preparing Documentation

91% of previous participants would recommend it and felt it a positive addition to their professional development.

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