Ulster Bank

Boosting Productivity with Ulster Bank focuses on increasing productivity levels and overcoming the related challenges that face businesses. Delegates are able to hear directly from experts who share practical tools, as well as successful local businesses, who provide context to the theory of how they have increased their own productivity levels.

A series of topical seminars gives companies the opportunity to learn from experts, who provide practical tools for identifying challenges, utilising current and emerging technology and developing strategies to boost business productivity.

At these events, a successful local business shares the story of its growth journey, focusing on how technology and processes have evolved. Boosting Productivity provides a unique opportunity to connect and discuss with other companies that can help attendees increase productivity levels in their own organisations.

A word from our sponsor

“Helping businesses unlock their real potential in leveraging off the considerable advances in boosting Productivity through innovation, automation and digitalisation is a key priority for Ulster Bank. This is why we are proud to champion Northern Ireland Chamber’s Learn Grow Excel programme in 2020 through their Boosting Productivity Series.

“Supporting this exciting series will help local firms scale their operations with access untapped capacity , something we understand is of vital importance to our business customers. Working in partnership with Northern Ireland Chamber empowers our business banking teams and our customers to build financial confidence, boost entrepreneurship and embed innovative approaches which will drive continued success.” Nigel Walsh, Director, Corporate & Commercial Banking, Ulster Bank