Danske Bank

Grow with Danske Bank, seeks to build upon the Export First programme by maintaining the core theme of encouraging business growth in Northern Ireland through inspirational stories, shared learning and practical enablers.

New, aspiring and growing companies will have the opportunity to access leading business people and listen to how they have grown their businesses. Companies will also have the opportunity to hear from industry experts who will share practical tools on a range of current and emerging themes.

The Grow with Danske Bank programme hosts a series of four roundtable breakfast events per annum.  These business breakfasts, which inspire SMEs to grow by providing them with direct access to experts and successful businesses, will be delivered regionally throughout the year.  Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with and peer learn from the guest speaker, as well as connect with other leading NI companies and experts in attendance.

A word from our sponsor

The key to sustainable economic growth is export. At Danske Bank, we want to encourage businesses to think strategically about export as a growth strategy, and to help facilitate that.

The Grow with Danske Bank programme does this by helping aspiring exporters through knowledge sharing and networking with experienced and successful exporters who have ‘been there, done that.