Webinar: 10X Your Business with Brendan McGurgan

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Simple Scaling

21st Sep 2022

Only 1% of SMEs achieve scale. At Simple Scaling, we want to change that. Our purpose is to inspire, connect and enable ambitious business leaders of SMEs to scale with purpose and as such we have authored the Amazon best-seller, ‘Simple Scaling, 10 Proven Principles to 10x Your Business’.

This webinar with Brendan McGurgan, Director and Founder of Co-Founder of Simple Scaling will reveal the secrets from the book and from the research that we have undertaken with hundreds of global thought leaders on the art of scaling successfully.

We will cover:

  • Why it’s every business owner’s duty to scale their business
  • The 10 principles you need to adopt to scale successfully
  • The difference between a growth and a fixed mindset and why a growth mindset leads to success
  • Simple takeaways to 10x your business based on the Amazon Best-Seller, Simple Scaling: 10 Proven Principles to 10x Your Business

Join us on the 4th October from 10-11am to learn how to scale your business and navigate your way through any situation to success. If you are a business owner, managing director or entrepreneur, this is the webinar that will take you to the next level. If you register today, we will send you a copy of the recording.

To find out more and to register for your seat go to https://simplescaling.com/ and where you can save your seat from the homepage

About Brendan McGurgan

Brendan McGurgan is the Director and Co-Founder of Simple Scaling and is a global business leader, author, keynote speaker and host of hugely successful ScaleX™ Insider Podcast. Brendan builds profitable, scalable businesses by delivering on his strong personal belief that anything is possible.

Over seventeen years, twelve as CEO of CDE Group, Brendan helped CDE achieve 25x revenue growth and become an industry leader. During his time as CEO the company delivered almost £500 million ($750 million) cumulative revenue and £50 million ($75 million) cumulative profit from more than 90 countries.

Brendan co-authored the Amazon Best-Seller Simple Scaling: 10 Proven Principles to 10x your business with his business partner Claire Colvin.