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Vialto Partners – Diversity commitment

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Vialto Partners

22nd Sep 2023

Vialto Partners (Vialto) is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). DEI is core to Vialto’s stated purpose: to spark growth and create meaningful impact for individuals, businesses, and communities across the globe. That is why we seek to embed DEI into how we work, who we are and everything we do. We want everyone, in every country, to feel that they can be themselves while achieving their maximum potential at Vialto. We are committed to fostering an environment where all differences are valued, where our employment practices are equitable, and where a sense of belonging is always fostered.

Vialto Partners worked alongside a charity called “Talent Beyond Boundaries” (TBB) to successfully hire two new employees into their Belfast office. TBB works with governments, partners, and the private sector to ensure that refugees have equitable access to skilled migration as a complementary pathway out of displacement. Vialto were the first employer to hire into Northern Ireland via TBB, and the first to engage with in-person interviews in Lebanon. With very little notice, one of the Leadership team jumped on a place to meet candidates in person. Candidates told TBB that Vialto created an atmosphere that was welcoming and engaging for them, taking time to calm their nerves and talking through the role and opportunity in great detail. Initially intending to hire one candidate, they ended up with two!

As well as thinking about how to ensure the recruitment process was supportive and inclusive, TBB were impressed with the thought given to the integration needs of the candidates, and their proactive approach to ensuring the candidates were welcomed to their new roles such as connecting them with buddies before they’d arrived. A number of video calls took place before the successful candidates started to travel to Northern Ireland, so they had a few friendly faces on arrival.

On arrival, Vialto buddies met the two new employees at the airport and brought them to their accommodation (which Vialto funded for a period of time to allow them to get set up in NI). The buddies helped the new employees with their Immigration needs, getting set up with longer term housing, helped with opening a bank account, registering with a GP and much much more. Regular meetings with Vialto leadership from the outset ensured that the new employees felt welcome and supported, and had a go to person if they needed to raise any questions or had concerns.

The two new employees have been fully integrated into the Belfast way of life, and are now just a part of the Vialto team. Due to the success of using TBB and hiring displaced talent, Vialto plans to repeat this exercise in different territories around the globe.