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Upgrade Your Heating Systems This Winter Season

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7th Sep 2022

Without a proper heating unit, the winter months can be quite unforgettable and bear a heavy load on your energy bill. Prepare your home for the upcoming winter season by upgrading your heating systems.

Heat Efficiency

Inefficient heaters not only reduce your energy savings but are also extremely detrimental to the environment. In an average UK household, half of the energy bills are spent on heating and hot water.

An efficient heating system can help you greatly reduce your energy bills, and it can also help you heat up your home better. Such heaters are made from components that do not burn a lot of fuel, therefore, having a less detrimental impact on the environment.

Traditional heating systems are a significant source of energy consumption. A standard room heater can consume up to 700 to 3000 watts of power, and a traditional water heater can consume up to 1500 watts of power.

When it comes to installation, you save much more with electric panel heaters than with standard heaters. A traditional heater can take up to £790 per room for installation, whereas an electric panel heater only takes £355 per room. The general upkeep of an electric heater is a lot less complicated, and therefore, you won’t have to spend as much on maintenance when compared to traditional heating solutions.

Water heaters are another area where you can make major energy savings. Traditional water heaters heat up large amounts of water that often goes to waste.

Since these heaters consume a lot of energy to heat up water, you lose a lot of energy costs. However, an efficient water heater only heats up the amount you require, which means you don’t end up wasting energy costs on excess water.

For added functionality, many consumers can benefit from smart heating systems. While these heaters have high upfront costs, you can achieve significant energy savings in the long term. Smart water heaters can earn consumers an average of £170 savings per year.

With these benefits, a smart heater can be a great addition to any household or commercial building.

Highly Efficient Heating Systems

At Meteor Electrical, you can find the ATC electrical heating line with products that provide comfortable warmth without driving up your energy bills.

Electrical safety is a major concern with all electrical products but especially heating. With ATC, you won’t have to worry about these concerns as all the products are incredibly safe and manufactured in compliance with various safety codes.

For a low-cost heating solution, ATC provides high-quality panel heaters that provide ample warmth and use electricity efficiently. If you need instant heat, a panel heater is a great investment.

For efficient indoor heating solutions, look no further than ATC’s lifestyle heaters and overdoor heaters. ATC’s lifestyle radiators are an award-winning heating solution with a modern design. These heaters can fit into any building’s aesthetic seamlessly.

The Lifestyle radiators are easy to use and come with a 3-year guarantee. ATC’s overdoor heaters are an ideal option if you want to create a welcoming environment for visitors and guests. These heaters are perfect for retail and workplace environments.

Hygienic hand dryers are a must in any building. ATC uses its cutting-edge technology to design some of the best hand dryers on the market. These hand dryers are elegant and come in multiple finishes to fit any interior aesthetic. ATC hand dryers are robust and use an automatic sensor to use energy efficiently.

Apart from hand dryers, at Meteor, you can also find other heating solutions for the bathroom, including ATC’s water heater range. These water heaters are perfect for providing on-demand hot water without any wastage.

Smart heating is rising in popularity, and ATC has a line of heating products designed with smart capabilities. These smart heaters are compatible with Wi-Fi for automatic heat configuration. With ATC’s smart heaters, you don’t need to worry about high energy bills as they use energy efficiently.

Enjoy the outdoors all year round with ATC’s outdoor heating systems. These outdoor heating systems are perfect for restaurants, pubs, and other leisure areas that require instant heat. ATC’s outdoor heaters are manufactured with an IP55 rating, which makes them waterproof.

You can find all these heating solutions and more when you browse through Meteor’s ATC heating range. Meteor Electrical is Ireland’s biggest electric wholesaler, bringing consumers high-quality electrical products.