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Tyre Recycling Machines from Northern Ireland to the World

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6th Sep 2022

Gradeall International Ltd is based in Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, and started out life as a manufacturer of coal grading equipment, servicing Northern Ireland and the UK. Following the beginnings of the recycling industry developing, we changed our focus to fill the new gap in the market. We specialise in waste management and recycling space, and are expanding into the tyre recycling sector. Our world leading technology and experienced team make us the best option when investing in recycling systems for your business.

We are an environmentally conscious company and strive to make good choices which reduce our negative impact on the environment. We also strive to allow our customers to do the same with machinery that reduces their carbon footprint.

Our Products

Gradeall International Ltd is a world leading manufacturer of balers, compactors, tyre recycling machines and specialist bespoke recycling machinery. Here are the products we offer:

  • Balers reduce the amount of space taken up by waste materials including tyres by pressing together material to create bales. Baling makes it easier to transport end-of-life tyres onto further processing venues and reduces the cost of emptying spaces taken up by this waste.
  • Compactors crush waste reducing space taken up, we offer both portable and static compactors perfect for any customer need.
  • Our CHEM compliant containers are perfect to work compatible with our static compactors. We offer two options of 15 and 30 cubic metre capacities.
  • Tyres are one of the most problematic sources of solid waste and we aim to reduce the impact of tyre waste on the environment. We offer a range of Tyre Recycling Equipment which includes tools to cut, shear, split, convey, and bail tires for recycling. We offer equipment suitable for car, truck, and agricultural tires to companies around the world. If you need advice on the best equipment for your business, reach out to us today.
  • We don’t just offer balers and compactors as an industry specialist we offer a range of Specialist Machinery. We go above and beyond to ensure our customers can better deal with their recycling and waste products. We offer specialist machinery including glass crushers, conveyor systems, dewatering systems, and roll packers.
  • We also offer used machinery which is a great way to buy high quality machinery which is pre-used, preventing functioning machinery from being sent to landfill.

We are constantly improving and developing our equipment and services to better serve our customers. To hear updates on our services and equipment you can read our company news updates.

The Industries Served by Gradeall International Ltd.

Here at Gradeall International Ltd. We have years of experience in waste management and have worked for companies in various industries including Distribution Centres, Manufacturing, Facility Management, Food, Healthcare, Hospitality & Leisure, Councils, and Retail.

Each industry has its specific needs which will be accounted for in the plans for your new waste system. From recycling raw materials in manufacturing, to safe disposal of food waste, we are able to increase efficiency and safety in your business.

Our Other Services

We also offer consumables for sale which will help our customers service and maintain their balers. Twine and Wire for your baler can be easily ordered via phone or email as well as replacement parts if you need them. All our systems come with remote monitoring through Inteli-Fill as standard enabling easy maintenance and monitoring.

When planning a new waste management system with us, CAD site designs are provided to give you an accurate idea of how this new system will fit within your space or site. To start your consultation, you can get in contact with a member of our team on our website or by email or phone.

Why Our Customers Choose Gradeall International Ltd

We at Gradeall International Ltd. are a world leading manufacturer of balers, compactors, tyre recycling machines and specialist bespoke recycling machinery. We have years of experience as industry leaders in recycling and waste management. Our customers know we offer the highest level of excellence and expertise to their recycling systems. For more information on the work we do you can read a range of our case studies here