Tetra Ladder Safety Systems – Safe Use Of Ladders Saves Lives!

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23rd Aug 2022

Ladder Safety Training

Ladder safety training can save lives. The Health and Safety Executive (HSENI) reports that nine workers have lost their lives as a result of a fall from height since 2020.  Whether you are a sole-trader or an employee in a large company, if you (or your workers) are using ladders, and working at height in general, adequate training, and appropriate safety equipment is necessary as cutting corners can cost lives. Solutions such as Tetra’s Ladder Safety System have been proven to greatly reduce fall from height accidents in the workplace.

The Tetra Ladder Safety System

If there is a risk of a person falling, you need to take action to minimise the potential harm done by the fall. The Tetra system is a highly effective solution to achieve this.

Tetra is the UK’s leading supplier of ladder safety systems for companies that carry out low-risk or short-duration work from ladders. The Tetra ladder system ensures that the user always maintains three points of contact as illustrated in the video below. If used correctly, users will only fall a short distance of around 160mm, thus significantly reducing the potential harm to the worker.

Safe Use Of Ladders in the Workplace

Common incidents that occur in the workplace whilst using ladder systems include falls from ladders and through fragile surfaces. To reduce the risk involved in carrying out tasks using ladders, implement suitable fall prevention measures within the user’s routine – whether that be Tetra or something else. Employees should be encouraged to take an interest in new safety developments and standards and trained to work from height safely.

Whilst it is of the utmost importance to everyone working at a height, sole traders who use ladders must be particularly cautious as they are more likely to work alone, which increases the risk.

Basic Do’s & Don’ts Whilst Working at Height

To summarise, here are a few tips to keep in mind whilst working at height on ladders.


  • Ensure equipment is suitable, stable, and strong enough for the job, and maintained and checked regularly
  • Take precautions when working on or near fragile surfaces
  • Take precautions to minimise the risk from falling objects


  • Don’t overload ladders – consider the equipment or materials that workers are carrying before working at height
  • Don’t overreach on ladders or stepladders
  • Don’t let anyone who is not competent or trained to work at height do so

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