Settled Petals to facilitate Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor Training in Belfast

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25th Jul 2022

Susan Wallace, owner of Settled Petals will facilitate Baby Massage and Baby Yoga Instructor Training in Belfast this Autumn.

Susan runs Settled Petals, an Infant Consultancy service based in Belfast. It specialises in Infant Sleep, Potty Training, Baby Massage and Baby Yoga. In addition to supporting families with 1:1 support with Infant Sleep and Potty Training, Susan also runs training for those wishing to become Baby Massage Instructors, Baby Yoga Instructors and Family Centred Sleep Consultants.

Baby Massage, Baby Yoga and Infant Sleep are all unregulated industries in the UK and Ireland. With a background in Social Work which is subject to ongoing standards and a public facing body, Susan identified the need to promote accountability, evidence based practice and professional standards in these areas. In the absence of a regulatory body she developed 3 evidence based instructor courses to be presented at the FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) accreditation panel and was successful in achieving their accreditation in all 3 areas. Successful graduates of these programmes are then eligible to apply to the FEDANT public facing register, to offer parents the confidence that the support they receive is from someone who has completed a course which meets FEDANT standards.

The courses are available both online and in person training (with the exception of the Family Centred Infant Sleep). In addition to local training, the online aspect, allows students to enrol anywhere in the world that they have access to a laptop and internet. To date, there have been enrolments to these courses from 7 different countries. Direct Baby Massage training will run in Belfast this September, and Baby Yoga in Belfast this October.

Susan plans to present a fourth course, on Potty Training Consultancy to the accreditation panel later in 2022. Reach out to Susan via her specialised baby sleep, baby yoga and baby massage website.