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ScaleX™ Insider Podcast: New episode with Myriam Sidibe – Founder of Brands on a Mission

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Simple Scaling

17th Aug 2023

In this episode, Brendan interviewed the incredible Myriam Sidibe, Co-Founder, Founder of Brands on a Mission, and they discussed how to drive impact through a purpose-driven performance culture

Myriam is an expert in public-private health partnerships, and has spent 20 years advocating for transparency and sustainability in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. In her 15-year stint at Unilever, she led a handwashing movement that reached a billion people and conceived Global Handwashing Day. Her popular TED Talk on handwashing has over a million views. A resident of Kenya and originally from Mali, she holds degrees in Public Health, Water and Waste Engineering, and Agricultural and Environmental Engineering from prestigious institutions. Currently a senior fellow at Harvard Kennedy School’s Mossavar Rahmani Centre, she also serves on the boards of WaterAid and the Kilimanjaro Blind Trust.

In this episode, Brendan and Myriam discuss:

  • How to lock down business success with purpose
  • The truth about the importance of creating a social mission
  • Why marketing is insanely powerful
  • The beautiful power of profits
  • The remarkable results of good partnerships for businesses
  • And so much more…

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