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ScaleX™ Insider Podcast: New episode with Jonathan Jay – How to Buy a Business Without Risking Your Own Capital

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Simple Scaling

17th Jul 2023

In this episode, Brendan interviewed the incredible Jonathan Jay, a Master of business acquisitions and risk-free success. From unwittingly stumbling into M&A to executing life-altering deals, Jonathan’s journey is nothing short of remarkable. He’s successfully bought, flipped, and sold businesses, accumulating an impressive portfolio of accomplishments. Even during the pandemic, he managed to acquire 48 businesses. Now, Jonathan is sharing his knowledge via support groups and training to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to succeed in the business realm.

In this episode, Brendan and Jonathan discuss:

  • Never putting your money into a business deal
  • How to create a high business exit strategy
  • Why acquiring business need to be emotion free
  • Never putting your money into a business deal
  • Why you want to be clear about why you want to buy a business
  • How to understand the real value of a business
  • And so much more…

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