ScaleX™ Insider Podcast: New episode with Alex Osterwalder – How to create products and services customers want (Part II)

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Simple Scaling

2nd Nov 2023

In this week’s episode of ScaleX™ Insider, we deep dive with Alex Osterwalder, the brilliant mind behind the Business Model Canvas.

During Part 2 of our discussion, we delved into various critical aspects of business, including: The art of innovation and crafting successful value propositions. But one quote from Alex truly stood out:
“Shifting from transactional revenue to recurring revenue can mean 10X the revenue and stability for your company.”

This quote encapsulates a transformative principle that every business leader should consider. It’s about making a strategic shift that not only boosts revenue but also enhances the stability of your organisation.

Join us for this conversation, and let’s explore together how we can better align our strategies with our customers’ pains and gains.

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