ScaleX Insider Podcase New Episode Release- S10 Ep12 with Philip McKernan

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13th Nov 2023

Success is manufactured in the mind…

In the latest episode of ScaleX Insider, released today, we had the honour of speaking with Philip McKernan, an Inspirational Speaker, Writer, and Filmmaker. Our conversation, a truly in-depth insight into our relationship with ourselves touches on topics that every business leader should contemplate.

In this episode, Philip shares his insightful perspective: “Success is manufactured in the mind, while happiness is cultivated in the soul. Be relentless and unapologetic in your pursuit to uncover your soul’s work. The world needs more people aligned with their essence.”

This thought-provoking conversation challenges us to consider the profound interplay between success and happiness, reminding us that true fulfilment lies in embracing our soul’s work.

I invite you to tune in and join the discussion.

Reflecting on your current professional path, do you feel aligned with your soul’s work? If not, what steps can you take to move closer to that alignment, and how might it impact your overall success and happiness as a leader?

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