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Queen’s appoints former political leaders as honorary Professors of Practice

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Queen’s University Belfast

9th Jun 2022

Queen’s University Belfast today announced the appointment of four former political leaders and a retired senior civil servant and the re-appointed of two other politicians as honorary Professors of Practice.

Pictured from l-r: Baroness Margaret Ritchie, Queen’s Registrar Joanne Clague, Queen’s Pro-Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer, Lord David Trimble, Mitchell McLoughlin, Tim O’Connor, Professor Nola Dundas-Hewitt and David Ford.

The announcement by the University’s President and Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Greer comes as part of a build up towards a major event at the institution next April to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement.

The new appointees are:

Former leader of the Women’s Coalition, Chief Commissioner of the Human Rights Commission, MLA, Queen’s alumnus and Honorary Graduate Professor Monica McWilliams

Former leader of the Alliance Party, Minister for Justice, MLA, and Queen’s alumnus, David Ford

Former leader of the SDLP, Minister for Social Development, MLA, MP and Queen’s alumnus, Baroness Margaret Ritchie

Former First Minister, leader of the UUP, MP, MLA, Queen’s alumnus, Honorary Graduate, and Nobel Laureate, Lord David Trimble

Former Joint Secretary of the North South Ministerial Council, Consul General to New York and Secretary General to the President of Ireland, Tim O’Connor

The University also announced that current honorary Professors of Practice, former First Minister, Minister for Regional Development, Minister for Finance, MLA, MP and DUP Leader, Rt Hon Peter D. Robinson and former Speaker of the NI Assembly and Sinn Fein MLA Mitchell McLaughlin have also been reappointed for a further three-year term.

Professor Greer said: “The 25th anniversary of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement will be a significant milestone for this community and Queen’s will host a major event to reflect on how far we have come but also consider how we build upon its success for the future.

“As part of our plans in the run up to next April, I am pleased to announce this cohort of appointments and reappointments. All of the individuals appointed today had leading roles in government and have also made significant contributions to the overall peace process.

“They will share their considerable knowledge and experience with our students, staff and alumni so we can reflect on the progress that this community has made while also looking forward to the promise and continuing potential of the people of Northern Ireland. I am grateful that each of them has agreed to join the Queen’s community.”