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28th Aug 2023

By Alastair Luke, Director, ATTNx

The whole process of staging an event is like a rollercoaster.  There are so many aspects to juggle, and it requires a very special team to pull it off while keeping stress levels to a minimum.  I’ve worked on many event teams over the years, so I know the perils of printing problems, audio evils, video streaming strife, and all while having left your hotel room for a 13-hour stress-fest long before they even started serving breakfast.

Outsourcing key elements to a trusted team who just ‘get it’ can make all the difference. That’s where ATTNx can take quite a bit of strain off your team.  To have someone who will just ‘get on with it’, rather than poking around, asking questions on event day, removing a layer of stress and adding a safety net that none of those juggling balls will drop.

Investing in quality photography, video and design too will allow for a smooth experience come next year.

Photography:  Your event photos are not just a social media exercise. They are to a degree, as everyone likes to see themselves in the shared album afterwards, and it’s a great opportunity to connect with your audience after the event.  However, a good photographer will have next year’s iteration in mind too.  Taking those important photos that show the essence, and the vibe of the event without dating it.  This can make for a much smother operation in marketing the same event the following year. ATTNx photography director, Joy Luke can help you achieve this and take off that burden.

Video: Have you considered shooting a promo for next year’s event, at this years’ iteration? What better time to do it than when you have a room full of guests, vibing off the day and enjoying all that it has to offer.  ATTNx can go in with one eye on the future and make sure there’s enough content to make next year’s project a breeze.

Branding: Having a strong brand for your event is an absolute essential, but you don’t want to have to revamp it every single year.  Maybe just a tweak here and there. ATTNx can help you create an event brand that’s evergreen, and will stand the test of time, reducing your workload for years to come.  If you need event signage, banners, programmes etc, ATTNx will help you to design and identify the consumables that need refreshed each year, and those which can be reused to save time, hassle, and your budget next year.

With ATTNx, we can offer a long-term view on even content that will leave you with a bank of quality video, photos and branded essentials that will last for years and leave you with one less thing to worry about.

See some of our work and find out more about how the ATTNx Event Boost can make your next event stand out at www.attnx.co.uk/attnx-event-boost, or reach me at al@attnx.co.uk or 07311 283716.