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Progressive partners with Snugg to help deliver greener homes to Members

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Lanyon Group

21st Jun 2024

Progressive Building Society has teamed up with Snugg, an innovative online platform to help their members make their homes more energy efficient.

The partnership will see the Society’s Members provided with personalised home energy efficiency plans, along with access to eligible funding options to aid implementation.

Aimed at helping customers to bring down energy costs, Snugg strives to help improve home energy efficiency which, in turn, will reduce carbon emissions and bills.

With two fifths of the UK’s CO2 emissions coming from homes, the new Snugg partnership is the latest move in Progressive’s drive for sustainability.

Users can simply put their home address into Snugg’s online platform, which then locates the specific property, assesses the potential savings and suggests energy improvements for their home.

Research from Snugg found that making a home more energy-efficient could reduce energy bills by more than £1,600 a year, increase its value by over £16,000 and save around 4.5 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Gareth Robinson, Finance Director of Progressive Building Society, said teaming up with Snugg means Progressive can now help provide members with some of the tools and resources they may need to create more energy efficient homes.

“Working together to improve the energy efficiency of our members’ homes will play an essential role in reducing carbon emissions,” he said.

Snugg CEO Robin Peters said he was thrilled with the new partnership.

“Our collaboration with Progressive will enable their members to start their journey towards a more energy-efficient home in just a few taps,” he said.

“By making energy-efficient homes simple and affordable for everyone, we’re not only helping people save money on their energy bills but also reducing their carbon footprint which could significantly speed up the UK’s transition to Net Zero.

“This partnership is a big step forward in our mission to create a more sustainable future for all.”