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ProfileTree to Host a Free LinkedIn Webinar on How to Use AI for Digital Marketing

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20th Jun 2023

ProfileTree, a leading digital marketing agency based in Belfast, is hosting a free LinkedIn webinar on the 29th of June, 10am-11.30am. This webinar will show businesses how to utilise AI tools for the benefit of their in-house marketing efforts.

Attendees are encouraged to register for the upcoming webinar ‘How to Use AI for Digital Marketing’ by following this link:

Why register? 

In times of a cost of living crisis, we have unfortunately seen many long-standing businesses close down after years of service. The rising costs of produce, bills, staffing costs, etc, have meant that marketing efforts usually fall to the bottom of the list of priorities for struggling businesses.

Our goal at ProfileTree is to share the benefits of using AI tools for digital marketing. This will help businesses manage their digital marketing efforts in-house, without compromising on the quality of marketing materials. 

What will you learn? 

This upcoming webinar will show businesses how to utilise AI tools such as ChatGPT, Canva AI, 10Web, etc, for:

  • Automating routine tasks.
  • Designing and developing a business website.
  • Generating marketing materials, i.e.) blogs, product descriptions, etc. 
  • Generating original images.
  • Social media marketing.
  • Analysing website data and the customer journey.
  • And much more.

At the end of this webinar, you will feel confident in your ability to utilise these AI tools for enhanced digital marketing tactics in growing your business and online presence. 


ProfileTree is a leading digital marketing and website design agency based in Belfast. For the previous 10 years, the business has been helping to grow local businesses through strategic digital marketing tactics. 

We are at the forefront of pursuing technological advancements in the scope of digital marketing and we believe that Artificial Intelligence will change the tide of how digital marketing is conducted. Be sure to follow our socials to stay up to date with upcoming webinars and learning resources on all things digital marketing: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram.