Out of the Office: How Belfast offers more than great workspaces

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26th Jun 2024

Finding an office space that meets your needs and enhances your business is one thing, but finding an office space where the benefits extend beyond four walls is even better.

Spring has sprung in Belfast, and as the extensive Spring/Summer calendar of events kicks off, we are taking a look at what the city has to offer outside of the workplace. From shopping to iconic entertainment venues, historic areas and a thriving culinary scene, Belfast is quickly becoming a destination for investors and tourists alike, with people coming to work, study, visit, and invest in the city.


Whether you’re passing through, or looking to spend some time exploring, Belfast has a number of great options for accommodation – whether it’s an overnight, short or long-term stay.

As business becomes increasingly internationally focused, having these options close to your office space can make client visits and meetings that bit easier. For many businesses, client meetings are now an essential part of operations, and having top-class accommodation on your doorstep means less time spent commuting, and more time spent on what matters – progressing your business!

venYou’s Thomas House and Scottish Provident locations are located adjacent to some of Belfast’s most iconic hotels, including the Europa Hotel and Grand Central. A centrally located office makes a great first impression on your visitors and gives them a choice of things to do before and after meetings, allowing them to experience the city for themselves.

Belfast also boasts quirkier accommodation, with a host of newer boutique-style hotels springing up across the city, you are sure to find something that will impress. A central location also means that the office and the hotel are a short distance from all major transport links, including buses, trains, motorways, and Belfast City Airport. With strong infrastructure ensuring easy access between overseas and Belfast, visitors and clients can get a feel for your team and business with relative ease.


With casual eateries, family-style restaurants, and Michelin-star restaurants, there is something for everyone in Belfast.

With a focus on fresh, local produce and five-star experiences, Belfast’s restaurant and bar scene has been going from strength to strength in the last decade, with many restaurants receiving critical acclaim. Whether it’s grabbing a casual slice from Orto, which is located down the street from our newest Thomas House location, or wining and dining a client in the Michelin-star Home restaurant, located just below the Scottish Provident building, you are sure to find something that will tickle your taste buds! There is also a host of casual spots such as the Juice Jar and Trademarket which have received similar praise.

Studies have shown that team-building opportunities are key for team wellbeing and improving employee happiness, and Belfast’s bars and restaurants give employees numerous options for socialising and winding down after work. The city centre is the perfect place for employees to find the balance between work and social life.


Aside from going out to eat and drink, there are lots of activities for employees and visitors alike to partake in during the evenings and weekends. Belfast’s interesting history and booming foreign investment drive means it is now home to groups from an array of cultures, and the range of festivals that now take place represent the cultural influx the city has experienced over the last decade.

This history and culture can be explored through one of Belfast’s famous Black Taxi Tours, which offers an informative and interesting insight into the city and its past!

Belfast is also a popular destination which has attracted internationally acclaimed artists to its venues, with festivals such as Belsonic playing host to some of the biggest names in music. There is also any number of iconic venues which each cater to different tastes, from the Grand Opera House to Ulster Hall.

It is home to some eclectic neighbourhoods which are close to the city. The Botanic area of Belfast, near to Queen’s University, has an array of restaurants, shops, and cafes. It is also home to the beautiful Botanic Gardens, close to venYou’s Ascot House location, which offers green surroundings just 10 minutes from the city centre.

Belfast is the perfect location to ensure satisfaction for your team, with an array of extra-curricular things to do, your employees can strike a work/life balance that keeps them engaged and happy!

It is a city that attracts talent and has lots to offer if you host visitors/clients on a regular basis, and it also comes with advantages including great infrastructure, strong transport links, and a strong talent pool. Belfast has the infrastructure to support modern businesses, and venYou is proud to have four ideally location buildings in the heart of the city.

If you’re looking to relocate within Belfast, or to move to a city thriving with business activity, contact venYou today on +44(0)28 9091 8500 or email dlinehan@venyou.co.uk to find out more.