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room2 is calling all Belfast artists

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room2 Belfast

1st Sep 2023

If you are passionate about sustainability and art and looking for a platform to showcase your masterpieces, then we would be thrilled to open our doors to the vibrant artistic community in our area, and invite you to exhibit your artwork in our gallery space, at the room2 Belfast Hometel.

This is Belfast’s first hometel with 175 rooms, four collaborative event spaces, a trendy restaurant and bar, a delightful tea experience room and a welcoming lobby.

The Hometel’s design exudes the wit and charm of its people. Embracing the city’s lively music and art culture, you’ll discover playful, locally crafted pieces that forge a deep connection between our guests and the vibrant heartbeat of Belfast.

We’re also proudly blazing the trail towards a greener future as a 100% electric and low-energy hometel. With our unwavering commitment to zero waste to landfill, we leave no trace behind.

In synergy with our commitment to a greener future, we would like to invite local artists to showcase their work in our “One Home” Art Gallery.

The art should reflect our beliefs and values of our planet, our home, our “One Home”.

We’ve made it our business to have a positive impact by empowering others to live sustainably. We are creating a way of living that promotes caring for the planet, the home and the self. Our mission is to decarbonise our home, reduce waste and care for our people and their happiness.

Carbon. Waste. Happiness. Community.

Why Choose Our Exhibition? 

  • Prime Location: Our Hometel will attract numerous guests and locals daily.
  • Exposure and Footfall: Benefit from high foot traffic from guests and visitors who share your passion for art and sustainability.
  • Opening Events: To celebrate your talent and dedication, we will host opening events that bring together art aficionados, media, and potential buyers. This will be a fantastic opportunity to gain recognition.
  • Free of Exhibit: We understand the challenges artists face when finding affordable exhibition spaces. Therefore, we are offering our gallery at no cost to you. It’s our way of supporting and promoting the local arts scene.

Submission Guidelines & Deadline: (Monday 11th September):

To be considered for our hotel gallery exhibition, please follow these submission guidelines:

  • Artwork: Submit up to five (5) pieces of your most suitable artwork along and a short bio via email. Additionally, please include the artwork size, the title and a short description of each piece, sharing the inspiration or message behind it taking into account the “One Home”
  • Contact Information: Don’t forget to include your full name, email address, phone number, and social media handles (if applicable) for communication purposes.
  • Please email your submissions to & with the subject line “room2 Belfast – Gallery Submission – [Your Name].” We’ll review all submissions carefully, and our team will reach out to selected artists with further details.
  • Display Ready: If you are successful, we will require each piece of art to be supplied to us ready for display, whether that means via canvas or pre-framed.
  • Printed Copies: We will also require a small stock of print versions available for customers to purchase which will need to be supplied by the artist and pre-packaged. Profits would go back to the artist, minus a commission of 25% which would cover Lamington Groups handling time and management of the sales.