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NIE Networks launches procurement for Intelligent Electric Vehicle Charging Project

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Northern Ireland Electricity Networks (NIE Networks)

6th Jul 2023

NIE Networks’ latest innovation project has now gone out for procurement.

The Northern Ireland Intelligent Electric Vehicle (NIEV) Charging project is exploring ways to harness flexibility from EV charging in the province considering the needs of drivers and stakeholders across the energy system. NIE Networks owns the electricity transmission and distribution network and operates the electricity distribution network in Northern Ireland.

In a system which combines the needs of different energy stakeholders, including EV drivers, an intelligent charging system could ensure that lowest cost and least carbon intensive electricity is used to charge EVs, maximising the environmental benefits of a transition to EVs.

Using flexibility with EV charging can make best use of existing network capacity and ensure network assets are managed cost-effectively.

The procurement process will look to appoint suppliers for the following roles:

  1. Providing a back-office platform to allow smart charging of EVs based on signals (including driver preference, distribution network capacity and wholesale energy price), leading participant recruitment and providing customer support throughout the trial,
  2. A partner to install new chargers where required and connect existing smart chargers to the back-office system.

More information about these opportunities is available at