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NI-Based Education Company, Learning Mole, Launches ‘AI for Kids’ Learning Resources

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6th Nov 2023

Learning Mole, an education company based in Northern Ireland, has developed a new range of free learning materials designed to demystify Artificial Intelligence for children. These resources are readily accessible to both parents and educators, providing an engaging and age-appropriate framework for introducing the concepts of AI to young minds.

230k views in three months

The level of engagement with Learning Mole’s AI for Kids content is a testament to how it is a valuable and sought after resource. In just three months since its initial upload, it has amassed over 230k views.

The overwhelming engagement with Learning Mole’s AI for Kids series underscores its value and popularity. In just three months after its initial release, one video has already garnered over 230,000 views, reflecting both its success and demand.

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Founder Michelle Connolly

“We often find that the traditional curriculum is slow to introduce new technologies within the education system. Our goals with these resources based on AI for Kids, is to provide a platform that shares engaging, current and educational content, that both parents and teachers can avail of.”

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Learning Mole

Learning Mole, headquartered in Northern Ireland, specialises in crafting educational content suitable for children across all age groups. It offers a diverse range of resources tailored to support learning both at home and in the classroom.

Founded by Michelle Connolly, a former primary school teacher, the content is uniquely structured in such a way that is not only educational but also fun, engaging, and entertaining, ensuring that children enjoy the learning process.

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